4 Money Saving Challenges You Should Try Today

Do you want to save $1000 or maybe even $5000 and apply it towards your future to become a CRNA? Let’s take a look at a few different money saving challenges to get you to where you need to be. Feel free to apply these challenges for other goals as well.

Money saving challenges can be fun and downright addicting. After all who doesn’t love to see money accumulate? I know I do or I wouldn’t have been able to pay off my credit card debt in 9 months. I love saving money therefore I found some of the best money saving challenges out there!

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What is a money savings challenge

So, what exactly is a money savings challenge? It involves setting a certain amount of money aside according to specific savings goals you set. There a number of challenges searchable by Google or Pinterest you can easily find. In addition to being fun, these challenges are usually simple and can be adapted as well.

Quick and easy way to save

12-week money saving challenge

This challenge involves putting aside the same amount of money each week. After 12 weeks or the number of weeks you choose, you will have saved a good bit of money. For example, automatically save $84 every week and you will see a total savings of $1008 at the end of the challenge. The great thing about these type of challenges is you have the flexibility to change things as you wish.

Gather all those pennies challenge

With this savings challenge you will have saved close to $600 in only 1 year. Yes, you heard right. Start hoarding those pennies, sit back and watch your savings grow. While this challenge is easy, it may become increasingly harder as the days go by especially if you use your debit card for most things.

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Bingo challenge

While money savings challenges are fun, they are a lot more fun when you treat it as a game and can cross off each day you save. This is why I included this 30- day bingo style savings challenge which I found on savvyhoney.com. Why not get started today crossing off those boxes!

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Save every $5 bill challenge

But after finding so many money saving ideas, this has got to be one of my favorite ones. Possibly because it is so effortlessly simple. Basically, you set a time limit in advance for how long you want to participate in the challenge. Next, begin saving every $5 bill that comes in your possession and place it in a special place. This place could be a jar, wallet or your drawer and keep it out of sight. Keep up with how much you are saving and definitely don’t take money from the stash until you have completed the challenge.

Obviously, you will have more success with this challenge if you make most of your purchases with cash. This challenge will really help you to eliminate credit and debit card usage. Seeing your little five dollar bills pile up will actually give you motivation to keep going. It is also a fun and easy way to save for an emergency fund, vacation, CRNA school interview or whatever you wish.

Bottom Line

Today, I invite you to pick a savings challenge and stick to it. Once you open your jar or wallet, you will be amazed with how much you have saved. Again, the money saved can go towards your CRNA journey or any goal you have in mind. Remember every little bit helps and is considered a victory!

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