5 New Year’s Resolutions For Aspiring CRNAs

Happy New Year! It’s time to make those yearly resolutions. I know what you are thinking by February everyone has forgotten all about resolutions. Nonetheless, the first day of the year is the perfect time to not only reassess your life but also your dreams of becoming a CRNA. Why not make it your new year’s resolution so you can get one step closer to gaining admission into CRNA school in the year 2020?

Re- evaluate your goals to become a CRNA

The time has come to get realistic with your time and your goals. Do you really want to be a CRNA? Then what is really stopping you. Before I became a CRNA, I had to sit down on multiple occasions and ask myself this same question. Looking back I had no concrete plan and no true belief it would ever happen as the years rolled by.

But I finally figured it out. This wasn’t the end of my story. And it doesn’t have to be yours either.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and explore whether you should remain persistent on your pursuit of becoming a CRNA or just try something different.
• What are the barriers or roadblocks holding you back from becoming a CRNA?
• What actions have you taken in the past year to move closer to becoming a CRNA?
• What are some resources you could utilize to meet your goal?
• Do you still get excited just thinking about becoming a CRNA?

To learn more about my CRNA journey and how I re-evaluated my goals, then click here.

Evaluate your transcripts

How long has it been since you physically ordered a copy of all your college transcripts. And I mean all your transcripts even from the community college you attended way back in the dark ages. Resolve to get a copy of all those transcripts if it’s been a long time.

This will give you an idea of where you are in your CRNA Journey. Do you need to take anymore prerequisites before applying to CRNA school? What is your overall GPA and science GPA? It floors me when I ask my kids what their GPA is and they have no clue to figure it out. Don’t worry there are a ton of GPA calculators at your disposal online.

Some CRNA programs look at your GPA different than you might think. Some programs focus more on your science GPA than your overall GPA. Other programs just look at the last 60 hours of education which is great if you started slow or partied too much in your younger years.

Looking at the big picture: you need to know whether or not your GPA is competitive when compared to other CRNA applicants. If there is room for improvement take the steps needed to maximize your chances of getting accepted to CRNA school. So, make getting a copy of your transcripts one of your new year’s resolutions.

Here are more ways to become a stronger CRNA applicant.

Update your CV/ resume

Most people only update their CV when they have to for a new job. I get it. It can seem like a waste of your precious time to update it any other time. But when your goal is to become a CRNA, the beginning of the new year is a great time to review and update your CV because things change and they can change fast.

With the stress of applying to CRNA school, updating your resume now will allow you to check this box off and enjoy less stress. Save yourself future stress and time by completing this task today. While you’re stressing over your resume, other aspiring CRNAs may have theirs ready to go and already have a CRNA school interview scheduled. And in the time it took you to read this paragraph, you have probably thought of 5 new skills you have acquired in the past year to add to your CV.

If you are anything like me, updating your CV can be stressful because you overthink everything. But it will be well worth your time and less stress in the end when you start the application process for CRNA school. Get ahead of the pack by completing this easy new year’s resolution today.

Check out this article for great CV tips.

Develop a plan and stick to it

If you are not familiar with my CRNA journey, you can read all about it here. Essentially, I had a plan in the beginning but my plan became a bust when I left my position in ICU.

Begin your plan by researching various CRNA programs online. A great site I used which will save you time and money is www.all-crna-schools.com/. Here are some things to include in your new year’s resolution plan:
1. Get copies of transcripts/ update your CV
2. Gain valuable critical care experience and take/ retake courses if needed
3. Resolve to choose a date to apply to CRNA school (and stick to it)
4. Become a leader at work and in the community
5. Narrow schools down based on your GPA, GRE scores, experience, etc. and only apply when your application is at its best

Check out the plan I used to become a CRNA.

Make time for yourself 

During my pre- CRNA days, I felt overwhelmed at times while on the pursuit to be a CRNA. I was always thinking how to better my chances, do I have all the prerequisites, or is my GRE score high enough. You get the point. Basically, this is a recipe for burnout before you even get started. So in 2020, resolve to take time doing something for yourself not inclusive of becoming a CRNA.

Find time to eat well, exercise, and get good sleep this year. Make this year about becoming a better you. Set aside time to do whatever you so desire, by yourself. Do things just for leisure, like reading a book, hanging out with friends or just spending more time outside.

This will all help you stay refreshed while tackling your new year’s resolutions and especially during the daunting task of applying to CRNA school.

The bottom line: Start planning today to increase your chances of becoming a CRNA. I have been there before. You have to start somewhere and today is the day! If you can’t start now this is alright also, but start planning for when you are able. Remember I was once a surgical tech with a plan but it was derailed. I made it, and I am convinced you will also. Happy New Year’s and get to planning!

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