9 Free GRE Resources To Get Your Best Score

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You may have noticed or will find the running tally of costs on your pursuit of becoming a CRNA is climbing. And it’s no secret studying and taking can the GRE exam is also expensive. And during uncertain and difficult times you may be naturally concerned or worried about money. Which I totally understand. But I also know how important the GRE exam may be to you getting accepted into a CRNA program or not. 

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Although the GRE exam is only one part of your CRNA school application, you still want to get the best score possible in order to be a strong competitive applicant and stand out from the rest. In order to meet or exceed the goal you’ve set for the GRE exam you will likely need to utilize some sort of GRE prep material.

Therefore, I wanted to provide you with as much FREE GRE prep material that I could find. I want to see you succeed and be successful on the GRE exam, so I hope you find this article valuable as you begin preparing for the GRE.

FREE GRE Prep Material 

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) offers both free and low cost study tools to help you prepare and get a great score on your GRE exam. And the best part is the GRE is owned and produced by ETS. Access to the resources by ETS may require you to register for the ETS GRE sitewhich is also free.

POWERPREP® Test Preview Tool 

  • This resource contains information to help you get familiar with the type of questions you may encounter, test features and other tools which will be available on test day. This free tool can be found in the ETS GRE section under “My Test Preparation and Services” once you login in to your account. 


  • Here you can access two full length free practice tests which are similar to the actual exam along with some of the same features you will encounter on the day you test. You will also receive scores on verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning measures. While the actual analytical writing section is not scored, you will receive a scored sample response along with reader commentary. 
  • What I love about this free resource is it also provides accommodations like extended time, extra breaks, screen magnification and refreshable braille compatibility. Also users get the option to take one practice exam under untimed conditions.

McGraw Hill Education Prep Center for the GRE

  • You will find a complete full length online practice test filled with explanations for all the questions so you get comfortable with the test format. They also have problem- solving videos and other GRE preparation resources all for FREE. You can access this information directly from this link.


  • I used Quizlets while in CRNA school for my didactic classes but didn’t know anything about these resources before then. I actually love this site because you can study the flashcards marked as public, therefore, you can focus on studying instead of making new ones. You will find a vast array of flashcards made by other students in preparation for the GRE exam.

Manhattan Prep GRE Practice Test

  • Manhattan Prep offers a full length FREE practice test in addition to other paid resources. This online test was specifically designed to mimic the GRE General test in that it provides a realistic test taking experience. Be prepared for the practice test to take around 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Magoosh GRE Math Formulas

    • This math guide by Magoosh is basically an e-book with math formulas. Although I am not completely sure when it was last updated so it may contain information or questions from the old GRE. Although some of the same question types are on the new GRE, just be sure to skip over the material you don’t need and supplement it with another resource.   

Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

  • This free resource by Magoosh GRE covers over 1000 of the most important GRE words. You can use the flashcards by downloading the app which means you can use them while on the go or by accessing their website. These flashcards are designed to help you get the verbal score you need. 

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  • Kaplan offers a free realistic GRE practice test. The test is scored and you get a detailed report of where your strengths and weaknesses lie. An additional bonus is you get two weeks access to instructional videos and additional practice on the most important topics. 

The Princeton Review 

    • And last but not least is The Princeton Review Full practice test. I love what this site is doing, not only because Chase Anesthesia Academy has partnered with them to offer GRE strategy sessions. But also because this site is all about helping you to get maximum results in the least amount of time. 
    • The Princeton Review offers a full-length FREE practice test you can take under realistic testing conditions. The questions are similar to ones you will see on the actual GRE test and you get a personalized score report so you know exactly what areas you need to improve in. 

I scored high enough on the GRE to get an interview at 3 different CRNA schools while mostly using FREE study tools. So trust me, you don’t need to necessarily pay all this money out to get a high score. You just have to find the right resources. Hopefully, you will find what you need here in this article. 

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