9 Mindset Blocks You Must Overcome to Become a Future CRNA

I’m so excited about today’s topic. Because today we are talking about 9 mindset shifts you must make in order to be a future CRNA today. This is a very important topic because I can sit here and talk about all the steps and strategies around getting into CRNA school but until you start having some mindset shifts and start believing that you can do it it’s not gonna matter. 

While you will also get some tips on getting into a CRNA program, the overall focus for today’s LIVE is about identifying these mindset blocks and giving you some ways to overcome them so they don’t prevent you from moving forward in your life.  

In case you don’t know me and Kiki, I’m actually a CRNA and the founder of the CRNA chase and the creator of the Future CRNA Blueprint Program where I empower, educate, mentor, and coach critical care nurses to become six-figure nurses. 

Now just so you know I also have my own personal mindset blocks or challenges and have to work on this myself. The only difference is I don’t stay stuck in this way of thinking for long. I now know what it takes to bring myself out of it. 

So let’s get started identifying the mindset blocks that could block you from becoming a Future CRNA. 

Types of Mindset Blocks 

Mindset block #1: Not knowing your why or purpose. 

Knowing this will keep you motivated and also help you relay this to the admissions committee. Because it’s going to be the first question you get asked. So when I first started applying to CRNA school I couldn’t articulate why I wanted to be a CRNA. And I often felt like quitting and also had a hard time during the interview when it came to showing how bad I wanted it. 

So this is why this is the first lesson in the Future CRNA Blueprint Program. So how do you define your why- well you must think about the impact you want to make and then how you can contribute to it. For example, my “why” is to provide excellent anesthesia care so my patient can return to baseline status. 

Mindset block #2: Thinking you are not smart enough. 

This thought has likely surfaced a few times while thinking about going to CRNA school. So for me, I’ve always felt I could do anything until I actually got in the program and was told I was never going to make it. And so this led me to question everything. How I was studying. My preparation, if I could even get through the program and graduate. 

Again limited thinking and a lack of confidence in myself.  So how do you overcome this thought? One way is to define your core principles. Your guiding beliefs. everything that everyone knows was learned either from being taught or witnessed. Therefore, I can learn anything as well.

Our brain is wired to grow and change, even when you are old. Research shows that the brain is a muscle and the more we use it the more it grows.  There are neural connections that are formed at all times but more so when we make mistakes rather than being right all the time. This is known as neuroplasticity. Isn’t that amazing? There is actually some good from making mistakes. Which is why you often hear you learn more from being wrong than being right. So our intelligence isn’t fixed and we need to embrace our struggles and failures. 

Mindset block #3: No action plan: no plan for how you’re going to get into a CRNA program.

Prior to getting accepted I was just out there applying to random CRNA schools with no idea what I was doing. I was either not getting interviews or rejected altogether. Because I wasn’t applying to the best fit CRNA school for me. 

But once I figured this out I got accepted. How can you develop a plan? First, I have a FREE training on how to find your best fit CRNA school so you stand out from the crowd. And I will include the link in the comments. Also when you join the Future CRNA Blueprint Program, we will create your action plan so you have the exact steps needed to get into a CRNA program.  

Mindset Block #4: Always being negative. 

We’re all guilty of this thinking and often don’t even realize it. For example, always thinking the worst is going to happen. Like I’m not going to get this ICU position, or there is no way I’m going to get an interview at this CRNA school. Basically, you see the glass as half empty. Did you know constantly being in a negative state can cause all kinds of problems like eating disorders, stress, and depression? So how do you stop negativity in its tracks? 

I’m going to give you a couple of ways to stop negativity:

  1. Distance yourself from negative people- you know those people that are always bringing you down. 
  2. Reprogram your mind with daily positive affirmations. So basically create 5-10 affirmations. Keep there where you can see them, written or on your phone. And speak them as often as you need to. I have a lesson on reprogramming the mind in the future CRNA blueprint program as well. 

Mindset Block #5: Not having a network of like-minded people. 

So like attracts like. This also ties into surrounding yourself with people who share similar goals as you. It’s powerful and transformative when it helps you reach your goals instead of distracting you from them. The great thing is you are here in this community so we know everyone here has the same purpose. 

Also, be careful with who you share your goals and desires with. Everyone is not going to be happy for you. Also, get out and try to make connections with some like-minded people at your hospital or online. And of course, there is a community within the Future CRNA Blueprint Program. Remember Enrollment is open so you can get started today. 

Mindset Block #6: Focusing on the wrong things. 

I’m sure we all got a trillion things going through our heads. I’m totally guilty of this because I can stay fixated on one little thing if I’m not careful. But what I want you to realize is this only leads to negativity, inactivity, and causes distraction away from what’s important. 

How to fix this? Well for starters you need to Focus on making small progress, every day. If you do it every day, you’ll be where you want to be in no time. Also Stop focusing on small decisions or things that just waste more time- like what you are going to wear, eat, do each day. So how do you do that? You automate every day, give an assignment to everything by creating your ideal week the weekend before. I do a deep dive into creating your ideal week in the Future CRNA Blueprint Program because it’s that important to you controlling 100% of your time and getting stuff done like becoming a CRNA. 

Mindset Block #7: Comparing yourself to what other ICU nurses are doing.  

Another mindset block I have been guilty of. And with social media, it’s really hard to be on social media and not compare yourself to others. Your body isn’t good enough, your clothes are not name brand, ICU nurses celebrating getting into CRNA school. I totally get it. But the comparison trap causes so many problems like stress, anxiety, and mental distress. 

A way to deal with the comparison trap is by practicing gratitude. So every morning either write or say out loud 3 things you are grateful for. It can be as simple as Coffee. Your health, your family’s health. And I guarantee you will stop worrying about what others are doing, and improve your mental and physical health.  

You can also focus on your strengths and accomplishments. So try writing down 3 things you love about yourself or that you have accomplished. This is also a great exercise when the time comes for you to write your CV and personal statement. 

Mindset Block #8: Impostor syndrome. 

I’ll never forget my first day of nurse anesthesia school. I was excited but also scared to death. I felt ready but already overwhelmed.

There I sat in a room filled with what appeared to be confident, smart, and brilliant-minded ICU nurses. They looked so much younger with no anxiety about what lay ahead.

The whole day I kept saying to myself- “What in the world was I thinking? I can’t believe I am here. I can’t do this. I am never going to learn this material.”

Due to this way of thinking, I spent my first 6 months of CRNA school speaking with a counselor every week. This is where I first learned about impostor syndrome and how it nearly destroyed everything I worked so hard for. So I don’t want that for you. Here are some ways to overcome this thinking. Visualize your success- where you’re trying to get to. The end goal. Also, you want to again think of all you’ve accomplished in your life. And also speak with someone about what you’re feeling if you need to. A trusted friend, mentor or health professional, or counselor. 

Mindset Block #9: Lack of confidence. 

Ooh, this is a big one. Even though it’s the last one. I received this question from a student registered nurse anesthetist who was having a tough week in clinicals. So, I was wondering how did you overcome low (self) confidence even though you have accomplished so much? 

This led me to write an article about it because I too dealt with low self-confidence in school. Here are a couple of ways I dealt with it. Now just understand I didn’t just wake up confident the next day. It takes time and you have to work on it. 

So, first You have to give yourself permission to not know everything while in CRNA school. If you did you wouldn’t be in school. I would constantly beat myself up for not knowing the answers to a question. Then once I started thinking well I’m only here because I’m learning. And that’s the reason I don’t know the material I stopped beating myself up.

You also need to realize you are not the only one experiencing imposter syndrome. Yes. it will look like you are not alone.

As I wrap this up, I want you to know it’s common to have limited beliefs or mindset blocks but we need to get you to a point where you’re not constantly in this state, and when you are you know how to pull yourself out of it. 

So today, I want you to check out my FREE training on how to find your best fit CRNA school. And also within the Future CRNA Blueprint Program, we will tackle these mindset blocks, create your action plan, so much more to get you ready to become a future CRNA. And the great part is you will be surrounded by like-minded people and have direct access to a mentor. 

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