4 Proven Steps You Can Take Towards CRNA School Admission

I don’t want you to put off working on your goals for another second. Don’t let another day go by just “thinking” about going to CRNA school. It’s time to start working towards it. 

Back Story

Back in 2004 as a Surgical Tech, I remember one day helping a CRNA in the room. Afterward she said you should be a CRNA. I laughed at her at the time. But the more I watched what they did, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Have you ever felt like you were called to do something and it was so heavy that it feels like life or death if you don’t? That is what it felt like for me. 

How you will get into CRNA school

So here is what I believe it takes to not only get into a CRNA program but thrive and excel while in it. I’m also going to give you some tools and examples in additon to showing you how I can help you get there.  Your success getting into a CRNA program on 4 pillars:

  • Ditching Limited Thinking
  • Show Your Potential
  • Exploring Your Options
  • Acing Your interview

Each of these pillars is the foundation of the Future CRNA Blueprint Program. 

Ditch Your Limited Thinking

One of the problems I see with aspiring CRNAs is they either lack the motivation, confidence or have a limited mindset which prevents them from going after their dreams. For instance, they may lack motivation because they don’t truly know their purpose for being a CRNA. 

They may have a fixed mindset believing they are not good enough or smart enough to be an advanced nurse practitioner. They don’t like to be challenged. 

Or again they lack confidence which affects all areas of their life. The great news is you can improve in all these areas and become your best self. If you’re ready to start working on it please join my blueprint program. Or even better join the inner circle. 

Show Your Potential

Most aspiring CRNAs are asking the wrong question- they are asking what I need to do to get into crna school and instead they should be asking what do you already possess as an ICU nurse? This includes your academic qualifications. Your nursing experience, your ICU experience. How to craft your personal statement and CV to show off your potential. And you don’t want to be shy here. Of course not cocky but you want the committee to see you know your stuff. And I felt the best way to help you is by inviting a resume expert to speak to the Inner circle in May. Or with our special guests like the program director of one of the Nurse Anesthesia Programs.

Explore Your Options

Another key pillar is the explore your options pillar. Which includes what CRNA school should I even apply to? because there is a formula for it. And it’s a huge and important question. So much so, that I also have FREE training (on how to find your best fit CRNA school so you stand out from the crowd) that will increase your chances of acceptance. 

Another key component. How will you afford CRNA school? On May 26th there is a special guest coming to the inner circle. a financial coach to help you with your spending plan, your budget followed by a Q & A session. 

Acing Your interview

So it doesn’t really matter if you do all of the above unless you nail your CRNA school interview. And that includes being prepared by understanding the application process. Knowing little things that could give you a competitive edge. Knowing the do’s and don’ts. The great thing is others have done it before you so by joining the Inner Circle you get a 1:1 mentor as well. And there will also be some scheduled mock interview sessions held during the inner circle meetings.


I can sit here and give you the steps all day but what it takes from start to finish is actually just having the vision. That is what I had back in 2004. So today I challenge you to follow your vision and your purpose. If you need further help becoming a CRNA enroll in the Future CRNA Blueprint Program or join the Future CRNA Inner Circle, a great community of nurses and aspiring CRNAs. 

About The Author

Although hundreds of critical care nurses visit Kiki’s blog each month to learn more about the CRNA profession, her path to becoming a CRNA was not easy. Go here to read her incredible story, “My CRNA Journey: Surgical Tech To CRNA- The Unbelievable“. For a complete guide that shows you exactly how to become a CRNA, grab a copy of the “Ultimate Guide to CRNA School Admission”. It’s FREE and will save you a ton of time and headaches since all the info you need is in one place. 

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